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What are Some Unique and Affordable Home Decor Options?

What are Some Unique and Affordable Home Decor Options?

Decor fills the home with lively vibes and makes it even more welcoming. Fortunately, you don't have to empty your pockets to invest in decor. Instead, some affordable, attractive, and unique picks are available to make your space more beautiful.

So, revamp your home by bringing some smart decor essentials which are worth every penny. It's available on many e-commerce sites like SaveOnCells. So, here are some unique and affordable home decor options you will love.

Feature Your Wall With Ceramics

One of the most unique and affordable ways to instantly revamp any wall is to add colourful and patterned ceramics. You just have to go for a colour that perfectly suits your space, blue-white, bright etc. Mount these plates on a noticeable wall to give the wall character, focal point, and texture.

A Statement Piece

If you want to keep it minimalistic yet bold, go for a single statement piece. It will save lots of money, and there are many outstanding options. For example, hang a large vintage clock, large painting etc., over the off or on a sizeable wall. It will reduce your maintenance efforts as it's easy to handle a single decor. Always remember to hang the piece at eye level. It should also cover 50 to 70 percent of the wall. Also, you can buy a patio furniture for your home to set as a statement piece.

Decorate Plants Uniquely

Plants are in budget, practical and very pretty elements which can be used in the decor. You can create a backdrop for plants from a closet door and hang galvanised pots with plants. You can choose from unlimited options of houseplants and even kitchen herbs. Also, pots suspended from jute hangings look divine. The plants are reasonable and bring instant fresh vibes to any setup.

Shiplap the Walls

Go out of the box and bring in shiplap panels. Paint it your favourite colour and install it on an accent wall of the room. You can mount wall sconces on it or painting or any element to add some interest. The shiplap walls signify rawness and look so eye-catching. Install vertical shiplap to give the illusion of tall ceilings. Or go for horizontal panels to provide an illusion of a larger space.

Introduce new Fabrics

To uplevel the decor, you don't have to invest in everything. By changing some colours and patterns in the form of fabrics, you can create new colours and vibes in the room. Go for new cushion covers and welcome lots of throws. Bring in some dreamy and flowy drapes.

Also, invest in a large rug having Moroccan prints and colourful patterns for an instant update. A rug is essential and adds a flavour to your decor.

A Vintage Mirror

Vintage is back, and so are those ornate french mirrors. You can't imagine how this reasonable french mirror can bring so much to your space. So mount a mirror with beautiful metallic borders on the hallway wall, place a console table below it, and place vases and some essentials.

It looks so practical, gives the illusion of a larger room and brings shine to the space. Utilising mirrors is a very out of the box and affordable option to welcome some pretty vibes.

Infuse a Bookcase

A decor idea that perfectly balances look and usefulness is a bookcase. You can create a large bookcase with open racks yourself or order one. Place all your books, and add plants and showpieces to some of the shelves.

It looks good for a living room, bedroom or any room. The books will add lots of colour and personality and look simply raw and beautiful. So, give space to all those books lying here and there and opt for a pretty bookshelf.

Macrame Wall hangings

Macrame wall hangings can be large, multiple, or have pots that look eternal. The layering is perfect and gives boho, zen and very positive energy to any space. Hang it above a bed or any furniture. You can go for Macrame, which has a wooden tray to keep books, candles, and small plants which look stylish and different.

Create an Accent Wall

All plain walls in a room are a big NO! Instead, create an accent wall with the help of wallpapers. You can go for bold and large prints and cover one with them. Wallpaper available in extensive ranges has different qualities, patterns and colours.

You can go for bold prints, florals or any design. Installing wallpaper is easy, and you can remove it whenever you want. Wallpapers are straightforward, and you have great options.
Bonus Tips

To decorate and give a new look to your space, first re-arrange all your furniture and get rid of clutter. Then add colour patterns in the form of unique decor elements. Don't overdo it but make it exciting with two or three colour palettes. You will instantly notice a better look that will make your home more welcoming.
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