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What is the Best Dental Toothbrush for Adults?

What is the Best Dental Toothbrush for Adults?

What is the Best Dental Toothbrush for Adults?


The most important thing you should remember to keep your gums and teeth healthy is to choose the right toothbrush. Also, it would be best to brush your teeth twice a day, at least for two minutes. However, there are different types, brands, or models of toothbrushes available nowadays. So, it is a bit difficult to decide on the right brush and agree on how long to brush with it.

Here is the list of some suitable toothbrushes that can help you to make your buying decision:

Spotlight Oral Care Sonic

This toothbrush is pretty stylish with a smooth, ergonomic design. It has a silver button to switch it on and off and toggles between three modes: Sensitive, White, or Clean. It uses Sonic technology to move bristles side-to-side at 48000 reps a minute. Though it cleans powerfully, you will not feel it harsh on gums.

It has remarkable long-lasting battery life. It can last around 3 to 4 weeks with a single charge. Moreover, it gently yet efficiently removes the surface stains. The brush head is available in three sizes and a premium travel case.

CariPRO Ultrasonic

The CariPRO Ultrasonic is an electric toothbrush made by oral healthcare company Smile Brilliant. It is elegant, simple, and has impressive cleaning ability. When you brush your teeth with CariPTRO, it will remove 7x more plaque than you can do with a manual brush. Moreover, it improves your gum health in 2 weeks, and you can notice your smile is 2x whiter after one week of use.

CariPRO has the following features:

  • 40,000 vibrations per minute.
  • Five brush modes: white, clean, gum care, massage, and sensitive.
  • 30 days battery life.
  • Soft-touch grip and ergonomic design.
  • Waterproof
  • Auto-intervals with 30 seconds quadrant timer
  • Wireless charging dock
  • DuPont premium bristles, specially cut and angled to perform optimal cleaning.

Oral-B Pro 3 3000

Oral-B’s, this new version is an affordable mid-range brush. It has a sleek design with a rubber grip. Therefore, it is easy to handle and rinse clean. In addition, it has a rear pressure sensor with a 360-degree ring making it more visible while brushing. If you don’t want Smart features, this toothbrush covers all.

It delivers excellent results with three modes, Daily Clean, Sensitive, and Whitening. In addition, it has exceptional battery life. You will easily get through a couple of weeks of brushing with a single charge.

Philips Sonicare Diamondclean

Philips Sonicare Diamondclean has a streamlined design focusing on getting a shiny Hollywood smile. It comes with a cooler fluoro-green-lined charging case. In addition, it sees ProtectiveClean’s three cleaning settings and raises them to five modes: standard, white, gum care, sensitive, and deep clean. Its battery lasts for at least three weeks without charging.

Oclean X Pro Elite Smart Electric Toothbrush

Oclean is one of the quietest electric toothbrushes, silent and gentle on sensitive gums. It is easy to clean and comfortable to hold. Its premium and sleek look made it stand out among all with a magnetic charger and pad accessory. If you talk about its battery life, you don’t need to charge it during the trial period.

Arm & Hammer Spinbrush PRO + Deep Clean

If you want to purchase an electric toothbrush without breaking your bank, you can find this ADA approved model in the drugstore. However, it has no pressure sensor or timer. Instead, its brush head moves in two directions: the top part rotates in a circle, and the bottom bristles oscillate up and down.

Remember to keep track of brushing time and make sure not to brush too hard. Its bristles are too soft, and they change colour when there is a need for a new head.

Brushd Electric Toothbrush

This eco-friendly sonic brush ships with recyclable brush heads. Then, they get shredded, melted and made into new pieces. If you talk about its design, it has a fully rounded and cigar-shaped handle that is pretty comfortable. It comes with a wall-mounted holder to store it, or there is a standing ceramic holder too.

It has three brushing modes: sensitive, clean, and whitening. In addition, there is an interval timer for guiding your mouth for two minutes. It has a 30-days battery life with a single charge.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Toothbrush


This electric toothbrush has a typical size and shapes with no square edges. It has a brush handle to power on and off and selects the cleaning modes. Its brush head with bristles fades; it is a reminder to change the toothbrush. It has a minimalistic design and Bluetooth connectivity to pair with your smartphone. Moreover, it has a battery life of more than two weeks.

Bonus Tips

Test each toothbrush by using it two times a day for at least two weeks. Then, use a disclosing tablet to see how much plaque remains on the teeth after the final brushing session. If your toothbrush has a smartphone app, use it to guide your brushing. Finally, compare the results with a benchmark set by the disclosing tablet after cleaning with a manual toothbrush.

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